#1 – Top Reasons Why Managing People Is So Challenging & How To Overcome Them

Learn why managing people can be so hard and frustrating.

How your brain is designed to do the exact opposite of what is needed to get the results you want

Introduction to the podcast and what we’ll talk about

What are the four outcomes when you or those you lead try something new and it fails, in order of best to worst

What is a Leadership and High Performance Coach?

Who needs a coach?

#BearUpAndGoLead Actions

Answer the questions and post comments on our Instagram site with #1BearUpandGoLead (1 in the from of Bear Up and Go Lead to connect it to episode 1)

  1. Think of the best leader you’ve experienced. What was it about them that inspired you; what made them a great leader?
  2. Ask yourself, and those you lead this question: What makes you wake up feeling excited and inspired, and go to bed feeling fulfilled?

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