#2 – Leadership Is Intentional Influence: How To Become A Better Influencer

Have you ever wanted to become a better influencer?

Leadership is intentional influence.  The capacity to have an effect on or change how someone thinks, feels or acts. 

Learn what the social and behavioral sciences teach us about improving influence, combined with examples of what works in the real world.

Leave with the tips you can use immediately to become a better influencer.

Ep 2:  #BearUpAndGoLead Action

Take one situation where you’re trying to influence someone and post your response to these questions on our Instagram site:

  1. What is the situation and what are you trying to influence?
  2. Do they want to change? Is it worth it to them?
  3. How is it to their benefit that they change or what’s in it for them? 
  4. How can you bridge the gap between where they are at versus where you’re helping them go?  How will you show how your idea, that they may not care about yet, is tied to something they do care about? 
  5. How can you use positive peer pressure or the example of others?
  6. Most importantly, how are you going to help them think differently…differently about themselves, about others, the problem or opportunity, and what the future can be?
  7. Do they have the knowledge and skills to do it?  Is it a motivation gap, an ability gap, or both?
  8. How will you best set up the environment and system that makes it easier for them to follow?  How can they be rewarded and held accountable by the system?

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