#5 – Most Impactful Management Discipline – O3s (Download the FREEBIE)

What do you think is the most impactful action you can take to immediately improve how you manage people?

If I could share only one tip, this is it!

Holding consistent, reoccurring weekly one-on-ones or O3s with each of your employees is by far the single most important action to improve the relationship and communication with your employees, and is the foundation or step 1 for all other items we’ll discuss.

Whether you call it an O3, one-on-one meeting, 1:1, 1-2-1, 1-on-1, or check-in, we’re talking about conversations where it’s just you as the manager, and one of your employees. 

If your calendar doesn’t currently have scheduled, weekly one-one-ones with your employees, this episode is a must!

Learn WHY we believe this, and the step-by-step plan for HOW you can set them up.

We’ll also review the 5 topics to cover in each O3.

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    This Episode’s Challenge:
    Send out the O3 launch e-mail to your team, followed up by discussing it in your next team meeting

    Common knowledge is not always common practice.  Commit now to take the actions as we describe them and you’ll be blown away by how quickly you’ll become the leader you were meant to be…the leader your team deserves and will want to work for.

    BEAR Up & Go Lead by rolling out your O3s!

    PS: watch the last portion to see how this same tip applies in your home…

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