#6 Reprogram Your Brain – Part 2: How To Believe Before It’s A Reality

What if you had the power to reprogram your brain, to have it think new thoughts…thoughts about who you are, what you’re capable of feeling, achieving or becoming?

Good news, my friend. You can. And in this episode, we’ll show you the step-by-step process how.

If you could believe anything you want about yourself, what would you believe? What one new belief will you choose to believe into reality?

This is a continuation from Ep. 3 – Reprogram Your Brain – Part 1: Thought Downloads, since we wanted you to have time to become aware of what you’re thinking before you immediately try to change it.

Most people have it backwards, they think you achieve and then you can believe, that you must first see it’s possible before you believe it could be true. But believing IS seeing…you must first create beliefs you’ve never thought to create a future you’ve never had. The proof doesn’t come until AFTER the trial of your faith.

This will be the most important 45 minutes of your week, month, year, and for some of you, your life! That’s not an overstatement…learning how to change your beliefs will change your life.

So if it’s too long for you, pause it and come back in increments. We try to keep it 15-30 minutes per episode, but some will be longer to ensure you get the needed info.

We give you tangible and easy to understand strategies to reprogram your brain…tips and tools you can implement TODAY.

Ep. 6 Challenge: Take a picture of where and how you’re seeing and practicing your new belief (writing it on your mirror, phone screen saver…be creative and find what works for you), and post on Instagram with #6BearUpAndGoLead, or comment on our Instagram Site under episode 6

We’re here to cheer you on as you “ladder-up” your thoughts.

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