#7 – Coaching to help an employee who’s struggling with her manager and wants to quit

Want to know the real reason employees leave?

And no, it’s not technically the manager. It’s not even the pay.

After thousands of real life exit interviews from my experience at a fortune 100 company with 130,000 employees, along with 15 years of research, we’ll share the real reason…so you know how to retain your top talent.

The real reason is NOT what YOU think, it’s what THEY are thinking in their own brain.

They leave because of their BELIEFS about their manager, or their BELIEFS about any aspect of the job that makes them feel an emotion they don’t like…so they want to leave to feel better, thinking that changing the circumstance is the best alternative.

The BEAR model works every time!

How Sarah (the employee in the example) BEARs Up

Note: you should only have one BELIEF and one Emotion is each BEAR model. Image above combines multiple separate BEAR models into one view for illustration purposes only.

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