#9 – Goals That Get Results Series – Part 1 (with FREEBIE)

This is the first podcast in a series dedicated to help you create goals that actually get done.

Step 1 of 5 – envision the future results you want. Brainstorm what you really want in your life…if there were no obstacles or limits and you were guaranteed to obtain it.

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    ACTION: Once you enter your e-mail, you’ll get the link to download the workbook and can begin step 1 of 5: Envision the future results you want.  You can then continue through the rest of the workbook covering episodes 9-14 at your own pace.  The format is you listen to a podcast and then take the actions as they’re explained until all are completed. 

    What you will learn in the FREE workbook

    • 5-Step Goal Setting Process
      1. Create RESULT Goals – envision the future results you want
      2. Brainstorm to-do’s
      3. Uncover gaps or obstacles in Beliefs, Emotions and Actions
      4. Create ACTION Goals
      5. BEAR UP – run BEAR models to take massive action until you get the result

    Key deliverables and outcomes

    • Initial list of the dreams that make up your personal vision
    • Detailed action plan to accomplish one of your big dreams
    • Goal setting process you can use daily to start reaching your dreams

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