#11 – Uncovering the Obstacles – Goals That Get Results – Part 3 (Steps 2-3)

This is a continuation from part 1 (Ep. 9) and part 2 (Ep. 10).

Part 3 Actions

  1. Action: Complete Step 2 of 5: Take that one dream and brainstorm what would be needed to accomplish that vision; Brainstorm to-do’s
  2. Action: Complete step 3 of 5: Uncover the gap and obstacles from where you want to go and where you are now

The BEAR model shows that Beliefs drive Emotions, which drive Actions, which drive Results. Therefore, the gaps to get the results you want as part of step 3 are in Beliefs, Emotions and Actions.

What Beliefs do you want to alter or create? 

What Emotions do you want to feel that can fuel you to take the needed actions? 

What Actions do you want to start, stop or continue?   Also under actions, what skills do you want to develop?

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    What you will learn in the FREE workbook

    • 5-Step Goal Setting Process
      • Create RESULT Goals – envision the future results you want
      • Brainstorm to-do’s – what would be needed to accomplish that vision
      • Uncover gaps or obstacles in Beliefs, Emotions and Actions
      • Create ACTION Goals
      • BEAR UP – run BEAR models to take massive action until you get the result

    Key deliverables and outcomes

    • Initial list of the dreams that make up your personal vision
    • Detailed action plan to accomplish one of your big dreams
    • Goal setting process you can use daily to start reaching your dreams

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