#13 – How Do You BEAR Up – Goals That Get Results (Step 5)

This is the final in the series and is a continuation from part 1 (Ep. 9), part 2 (Ep. 10), part 3 (Ep. 11) and part 4 (Ep. 12)


  1. Action: Begin step 5 of 5 by doing a Thought Download
  2. Action: Completed step 5 of 5 by running a BEAR model
  3. Bonus action: Click Here to schedule a FREE 30-minute coaching mini session to review your BEAR model and get coached by Brittany. Note: this was recorded in April 2019, and we’ll soon switch to group open calls to meet the demand. If you can’t find a time or the one-on-one free coaching sessions is no longer available, please join one of the group “Ask Brittany Anything” calls.

Running BEAR models is how you inspire and equip yourself to get the results you want.

Additional podcasts referenced:

  • Episode #3 Reprogram Your Brain – Part 1: Teaches you how to do a thought download (21 minutes). Click here for the video version.
  • Episode #4 How To Solve Any Problem and Get Results – gives you an introduction to The Bear Model (45 minutes).
  • Episode #6 Reprogram Your Brain – Part 2: Teaches you how to believe before it’s a reality and to ladder-up your beliefs and BEAR Up. (45 minutes).

Though Download: Use the question prompts and keep writing for a full ten minutes until you have revealed to yourself the contents of your mind.

  1. What do you wish was different?
  2. What is hurting or frustrating?
  3. What are you struggling with/what isn’t working?
  4. What are you worried about/what keeps you up at night?
  5. What doubts or concerns do you have about being able to reach your results or action goals?
  6. What are your priorities this week and this day, and how are you showing up?

Then BEAR Up by taking one of those Beliefs, Emotions, Actions, Results and plugging it into the model to run a current and future BEAR model.

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