#16 – 5 Steps To Give Feedback

In Episode #5 we shared that the #1 most impactful action you can take to immediately improve how you manage people and become the boss people want to work for is to hold at least a 30-minute weekly one-on-one or “O3” with each of your employees.

Now, we’re sharing the second most important discipline…giving feedback and coaching.

Topics covered:

  1. Why give feedback and coach
  2. What are the differences between feedback versus coaching
  3. How and when to give feedback

5 Steps To Give Feedback:

  1. Describe what happened (“I’ve noticed”…from your “video check”)
  2. Describe your perception of the impact (why it matters)
  3. Check for understanding and listen
  4. Clarify next steps
  5. Follow up on the agreed action

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