#23 – Create “My Style: A Guide to Working with Me” (New Manager Quick Start Tool 3 of 9 w/ FREEBIE)

You know the drill, you get assigned to a new project or a new team and immediately begin to work withother people.

Soon, you find that one team member can’t stop talking while another is silent.

During a presentation, one only wants to hear what’s proven to have worked in the past, while anotherkeeps brainstorming what could be in the future.

When working the project plan, one wants to start early and have the detailed plan broken down by step#89.3 by July 5th at 2pm and another wants to wait to plan as they do their best work right before the deadline.

Based on their actions, you then tell yourself stories for what it means when they only respond to your long e-mail with an emoji, or why they seem to enjoy asking a million questions and critiquing your proposals.

How much time do you waste, and stress or frustration do you feel by waiting to understand how to best work with them?

I recently had an insight when I bought a new appliance. With my new purchase, I got a user’s manuals to learn how to work with it. If I thought this gadget was complicated, how much more are people!

Then it hit me…what if I had a user’s manual or a guide that gave me immediate insights into the people I work with?

Instead of spending weeks or months figuring out what motivates them, their communication style, or how they make decisions, what if we had the conversation up-front?

As we continue the New Manager Quick Start podcast series, episode #23 covers how to create a user’s guide to help others who are beginning to work with you.

You can share it to spark a conversation about how you like to work and more importantly, to ask about their preferences and style. Save time and stress later by having the conversation now.

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    New Manager Quick Start Series:
    9 Tools Your First 90 Days In A New Job

    1. Episode #21  – Create Your 30-60-90 Day Plan 
    2. Episode #22  – Mentally transition into your new role
    3. Episode #23  – Create “My Style: A Guide To Working With Me”
    4. Episode #24  – Create a network list and begin listening conversations
    5. Episode #25  – Transition work from the prior incumbent
    6. Episode #26  – Conduct a New Leader Assimilation
    7. Episode #05  – Roll out your O3s (one-on-ones)
    8. Episode #37 – Create your Management Operating System (MOS)
    9. Episode #39 – Conduct Organizational Effectiveness Assessment Bonus: Begin to learn and apply the Top 5 Manager Must Do’s like giving Feedback (Episode #16) and Coaching (Episode #35)

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