#29 – Using MBTI in Teams to Improve How You Make Decisions

We go deeper into a whole new level of self-awareness as we learn about the Four Mental Functions

Everyone “has” and uses all four functions (Sensing, iNtuition, Thinking and Feeling)

Type dynamics = the order in which each type accesses and uses the four functions.

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  1. Dominant function (favorite/driver/most used/if a superhero – it’s Batman)
  2. Auxiliary function (balances dominant function/if a superhero – it’s the sidekick – the Robin)
  3. Tertiary function (not in your type code/not used much/if like a person’s development in age – it’s the teenage years)
  4. Inferior function (least favorite or developed/like a person – it’s the infant years)

See how these 4 functions impact how you make decisions. This is one the most important insights from understanding your MBTI.

In any decision-making situation, we are likely to put most of our energy into – spend most of our time – using our dominant function.

Table below shows the amount of time during a 60 minute meeting that you would spend in each function. You’d spend half the time or 30 minutes in your dominant function and 5 minutes (or 0 if you ran out of time) in you inferior function.

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