#31 – What to Do When You’re Stressed Out or Procrastinating – Let’s See Some BEARs

What if you could dramatically lessen the stress in your life? 

How different would your life be if you didn’t feel overwhelmed or could stop procrastinating?

Part 1 – Could one model really help solve any struggle or reach any result – An Intro to The BEAR Model

Part 2 (9:40) – How to solve for the root cause problem and not the symptom.  

Part 3 (13:30) – How to C your BEAR and become aware of your unintentional current model

Part 4 (16:30 – 28:28) – What to do when you’re stressed out and overwhelmed.   Learn what causes stress and why so many of us over-eat, over-drink, over-work, or over-anything, and the root cause for why we procrastinate.

Once you know the root cause, you can learn how to finally feel better.  

This podcast is taken from an 8-part series we filmed on the BEAR Model, to answer the call from our more visual leaders. Check out the entire series here.

If you have any items from one of your current or future BEAR models that you want us to run (one Belief from your thought download, an Emotion, Action or Result), contact us or schedule a free coaching session with a certified coach.

We can leave you completely anonymous, but still address the struggle you want to solve or result you want to reach.

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