#38 – An Introverts Guide to Social Get-Togethers (w/ FREEBIE: 90 Questions to Get to Know Someone)

During the holidays, introverts like me need all the help we can get.  

I love people, but if I’m honest, the work cocktail hour, Christmas party or networking event are the physical manifestations of my nightmares.  

It was once so hard that I literally chose to eat alone in the bathroom stall with my porcelain buddy, “John” than eat lunch and talk with my high school classmates.

But over the last two decades, I’ve learned the secrets to not only get by in these social settings but also enjoy them.  

I value building authentic relationships with people I love and care about.

The problem for so many years was that I simply didn’t know how to do it, and didn’t intentionally manage my mind to set myself up for success.

In this week’s podcast, I cover the main tips to prepare before you go and share several questions to ask to get the conversation going.

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