#40 – Productivity Tips with Laurie Oswald, CEO of InteraWorks

The average employee…:

  • receives 200 or more pieces of information each day…or 25 per hour, which means 25 decisions per hour. 
  • spends 10% of their time getting organized.
  • wastes 150 hours a year just looking for things (7% of their time).
  • and has unnecessary interruptions consuming  28% of their day.

What if you could decrease interruptions, stay focused, and better prioritize and track commitments to get the right things done with more speed and efficiency?

Laurie Oswald and her team have discovered how, and she joined us on the podcast to share some of her favorite tips if e-mail is running your day and you want to be more productive.

Laurie is the CEO of the global learning company, InteraWorks (www.interaworks.com), and their purpose is to elevate the human experience at work for professionals and leaders all over the world.

Topics covered:

What is productivity and how to get it. “Productivity is not about getting more things done…you will never get it all done. Productivity is connecting your time to what matters most.”

Using the EDGE Model of Emptying, Deciding, Grouping, and Executing to improve effectiveness.

Introduction to some of the other tips and programs from Interaworks.

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