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Hi, I’m Joe.

I know first-hand how hard and frustrating leading can be.

One of the main purposes of why I’m on this earth is to coach leaders to lead themselves, their people, and their families deliberately.

But becoming a leadership and high-performance coach in the glorious field of Human Resources or “HR,” with legendary celebrity role models like Toby from “The Office,” wasn’t always my dream job.   

Early in my career, after many failing-forwards that came with co-founding and running an entrepreneurial business, my small company that consisted of just me and three hands-off investors started having success, and we decided to grow. Great news…you’d think. 

But, there was a big problem!

When I started hiring people, the results I was able to get individually soon starting vanishing.

As hard as starting a business was, it was working.  I had finally started seeing my hard work pay off.  But I couldn’t understand why my frustration and challenges increased and yet the results kept getting worse as I started growing the team. 

Although I studied business, and even majored in leadership, I soon became a stressed-out and overwhelmed manager and struggled leading people.  

My past success came in my technical and functional skills. I knew how to sell, or how to manage finances, or how to execute…so when it was just me, I got great results.

Now, it was all different. 

I was no longer responsible for the results I could solely produce, but I was responsible for THE PEOPLE who were responsible for producing those results.

Managing people required a different mindset and skill set; it required different muscles that I hadn’t yet built.  Leadership skills that most don’t properly learn about or appropriately apply.

How about you?

You probably were a great employee.  Maybe you were a great Engineer or some technical of functional expert, and your company thought, “well, if you were great at that, you’ll probably be great at a bigger role.”

So great, that you were promoted to now manage people. 

But, what made you great as an individual contributor will not be what makes you successful at managing people. 

One of the hardest parts of leading people is that you’re trying to influence the behaviors of others because you’re responsible for the results, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t control what other people do.  You can’t control what they think, how they feel or the actions they take. That’s when we subconsciously try to manage by controlling objects verses leading people. 

And it’s not just first-time managers; these problems pop up at every level all the way to the C-suite.

When this was happening to me, I went on a crusade to find out the best-of-the-best on leadership…and the vision of Lead U was born.

Lead U is what you get if you combined what you learn in a top university, but in the form of binge-worthy, short, practical tips and tools that leaders without much time could immediately put into practice to get results.

And here’s the good news.  Becoming a better leader can be learned, and my results improved by deliberate, daily practice! 

I went from dreading the management drama to loving leading. I grew from doing things myself to getting results with and through others.

Humbled, but optimistic, I committed to dedicate the rest of my career to becoming the leadership and high-performance coach I always wish I had. 

I didn’t want anyone else to have to go through that journey alone, so I led others through a proven process that got them the results they wanted.

An MBA, multiple post-graduate education and certifications from the best universities and leaders in the world, and over a decade of coaching senior leaders in the trenches of one of the most successful Fortune 100 companies of the 21st century later, I know what problems leaders like you face, and I’ve proven how to help you solve them.

But as the teachings from Lead U was helping leaders become the boss people wanted to work for at work, I found another even bigger problem.

Although they would improve and soon start getting the results they wanted at work, their personal lives were crumbling. Some would even spend their entire lives working only to retire feeling unfulfilled and disappointed with their legacy.

The same was becoming true in my own life.  I had focused so much on improving how I showed up in the office, but then would come home exhausted and completely forget how to lead in my home and personal life.  My marriage, relationships and health suffered.

Seeing that the most important work I will ever do is within the walls of my own home, I once again made it my quest to find a better way.

I wanted to know how to stop losing my temper and yelling at my kids. How to become the spouse and father that my family would willingly choose to be with and stop silently celebrating when I’d be out on my next business trip.

And for my personal dreams, how to lead myself to the results I wanted in all aspects: to have better relationships, stop procrastinating, make and save more money, stop some of my detrimental habits, or to finally get in physical shape and improve my overall well-being.  How awesome would it be if I could simply feel better!  To wake up inspired and go to bed feeling fulfilled.

I remember thinking, “What if I could apply what I’ve proven to work with leadership to how I lead myself, and those in my personal life?

I found the secrets used by the uber-successful and tested them in the real world, packaging them into simple, actionable steps that people could take. 

It’s one thing to know a concept, but another to go and put that knowledge into practice.  And it’s not a one-and-done type of thing.  It requires daily practice.  There’s a lot of science behind it, but leadership at its core is still an art.  Results come when you learn and apply the daily art of leading yourself and others.

Lead U could now teach leaders how to lead people at work, lead those you love at home and in your personal life, and lead yourself to the results you want.

No matter where you’re at, you can do this because leadership can be taught. You already have everything you need to be successful within you.

I know because I’ve applied all that I teach, and have proven it with myself first. 

I was once an insecure, self-doubting, stuttering, and socially awkward boy, who once was so shy that I would eat lunch in the bathroom stall with my porcelain buddy john to avoid the anxiety of contact with my classmates. 

And now I’m confident in who I am and what I can do.  I can sit down and have an enjoyable conversation with anyone, or speak to thousands on any stage throughout the world.

I once had a marriage that stunk, dreaded paying bills because we had more month than money, and I wasn’t showing up as the dad I wanted to be or my kids deserved.

And now I have a marriage I love, with kids I cherish, and most every personal goal that seemed like dreams years ago have now come to fruition.

I once dreaded managing people and was a bad boss.  I doubted if I had what it took to lead people, much less run a company, to now being sent across the world to teach top executives and first-time managers how to lead.

I rose each time I fell, I learned, I grew, and now I can guide you through the process that changes everything.  It’s not an easy path, which is why many don’t travel it, but it is so worth it.

Think about something you want to change in your life or leadership. No matter how much doubt you currently have, you can change.  You just need a different approach. 

In our FREE podcasts, I’ve taken the key learnings and activities and put it in your hands; waiting for you to discover and apply. 

Will you join us?

From the boardroom to the family, let’s lead people, get results, and leave a legacy. 

You’re the Hero; I’m your Leadership Guide.

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    Hey, I’m Brittany.

    “Just so you know, if you move me out of my home town I will cry every day until you move me back.”

    This, my friends, was what I told Joe just days after he proposed to me. 3 years after that, we moved 1,656.50 miles away from my home town to Tennessee. Sooooooo, you can see my plan didn’t quite work out.

    Obviously, at that point, I put my previous threat into motion. I, for realzies, cried every single day for a solid 6 months after we moved to Tennessee.

    My friends worried about me. My parents worried about me. I worried that my 3-year-old marriage with a baby on the way was going to end. Things were not looking good.

    My mom bought me a book, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.” I wanted to throw the book at anybody who suggested something could help me. No thank you!

    What I REALLY wanted to know is – where is the book called “Feel the Fear, Freak Out, Eat to Avoid it, Never Leave My House and Then Be Miserable?”

    Now that’s a book I could have gotten into!

    After living in Tennessee and going through the entire spectrum of emotions…and birthing 2 babies in the process, Joe and I decided to move.

    Where? Back to my home town!

    We packed our 2 littles (aka children) and moved back to Utah for Joe to get his MBA.

    At this point, you’re probably thinking “Ahhhh, yes, this is the part where Britt goes back to being happy. That lucky crack got to move home”!

    Fun fact: I cried every day for a solid 6 months after moving “home”. Somehow between wallowing in self-pity and reading that darn book from my mother, I had fallen in love with my life in Tennessee.

    There was some serious confusion in me. For years I had been 100% confident that my life would be SO MUCH BETTER if we just moved back home.

    So why the junk was I so dang miserable?

    Something had to change.

    After reading a ridiculous number of self-help books – I ponied up, crocheted a pair…of slippers, and learned to love Utah again.

    2 years later we moved again to Arizona. It was hot. We are talking Africa-hot, people! Luckily, by this point, I had wised up and learned to jump in with both feet right away.

    After 3 miscarriages and the roller coaster of emotions that brings, I birthed another sweet child.  I made some of my most cherished friends. I learned to love Arizona and then…

    3 years later we moved again — this time to the mid-west state of MinneSNOWta. We went from Africa hot to Antarctica cold. That kind of bone-chilling cold is NO FREAKING JOKE!

    We had our 4th baby. We loved our life there. I had a job that I loved as a group fitness instructor. Joe loved his career.

    We were content, happy and comfortable. So naturally, we decided to move again.

    Nearly 3 years ago we moved to Switzerland. We didn’t speak a word of French.  We opted out of the fully-paid admissions to an international school and we lovingly threw our kids into a local, all French-speaking school one week after we got here.

    So, how did a girl-who-swore-she-would-never-leave-Utah-and-if-she-did-she-would-cry-every-day-until-she-moved-back get all over the country and then to another country and STILL have mascara to show for it? I’ll tell you.

    Every experience has been recorded.

    Every moment analyzed.

    Every mistake noted.

    Every pain processed.

    Every book read.

    All so that I can help you find the kind of joy and happiness you most desire no matter where you live, no matter what your circumstances are. NO. MATTER. WHAT!

    And if your “I will only be happy when I MOVE” story isn’t about where you live but rather about changing your boss, your wife, your weight, your bank account, or any other aspect of your life, these same lessons apply to you!

    But here’s the deal – I didn’t want to just be able to give you “good advice.” I knew that. I had experienced it first hand. You needed more!

    I went and got the best Life Coach training and certification I could find in the entire world. I plowed over and dug through every bit of information so that I can present you with a proven, formula based, solution for all your woes.

    Joe focuses on teaching these principles to leaders while at work and I focus on applying the same principles outside of work – at home and in your personal life.

    My coaching practice focuses on helping women lead themselves and their families through relocations, especially expat women, but I love coaching anyone.

    As your coach and guide, I will show the way to emotional freedom.

    I know how to get there.

    I traveled the world to find it for you.

    Don’t believe me? You will after we talk, don’t worry.

    I’ll help you LEAD YOURSELF to better relationships, improved finances and health, more confidence, or to simply feel more fulfilled and inspired.

    My coaching and LEAD U courses focus on leading yourself: 

    • How to get unstuck
    • How to clean up your mind and move forward
    • 90 Days To An Amazing Marriage/Partnership
    • How To Feel Better (emotionally, mentally, and physically)
    • Top 5 Tools to Improve Any Relationship
    • How To Gain Confidence
    • How To Get Stuff Done & Have More Time
    • How To Coach Yourself
    • Losing Weight
    • Over-drinking, Over-working, Over-eating…Over-anything
    • 5 Steps To Creating Goals That Get Results
    • My specialty – Go From Trailing Spouse to Leading Lady While Relocating

    Note: Brittany is currently not taking additional coaching clients, but you can still listen to the podcast or contact us and we can refer you to a great coach.

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      But enough about us, who are YOU?…since the only reason we’re here is to help you

      Ultra-successful leaders – the ones people assume don’t need a coach or to learn more about leadership – they are the ones who call us. 

      We take high performing leaders to the next level.

      Here’s a sample of the type of clients who work with us and the main areas they are wanting to transform:

      Fiona – The First-time Manager

      Fiona was a great Engineer, that’s why she kept getting promoted into bigger roles as an individual contributor in Engineering.  But, now it’s all different.  She has her first job managing people, and it is the hardest part of any job she’s ever had.

      Goals at work:  She wants to learn the mindset and skill sets needed to become a great leader of people.  She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know and needs the foundations first – to understand her leadership style and how to adjust to each person that she leads, how to set expectations, execute and hold her team accountable.

      As she just started in her new role, she wants to start off right and be successful in his first 90 days.  Her goal is to understand how to set up her team’s vision, and do all the other stuff managers do like setting goals and expectations, holding people accountable, listening, giving feedback, and developing her people.

      Challenges in her personal life: Fiona suffers from anxiety, but she hasn’t really shared that with her boss or employees.  Sometimes when she gets really stressed, it gets so bad she struggles to get out of bed and doesn’t show up as the leader she wants to be.

      Second, she wants to stop procrastinating.  Fiona has good intentions, but seems to keep putting off those big dreams and goals.

      Steve – The Self-Employed Entrepreneur

      Goals at work: Steve has been hustling to grow his business and has been very successful.  But now he wants to take it to the next level.  What took him to 6 figures, then 7, is not what is needed to take him to 8 figures (making over 10,000,000 per year).  He loves the business side of it, but wishes he had more help on how to best deal with all the challenging people stuff…which is now taking the majority of his time as he continues to grow his team.

      He wants to have his employees feel and act like it’s their company, to enroll in his vision and then help deliver it.  Steve wants to learn how to better delegate and help his team take on more accountability.  He wants to figure out what’s been blocking his business from profitably growing faster and bigger.

      Since Steve doesn’t have a Human Resources (HR) leader, he wants help with all the stuff around managing people, including things like finding and selecting great talent, onboarding, setting goals, assessing and developing his people, and how to reward, engage, recognize and retain his talent.

      Challenges in his personal life: Steve is very successful to the outside world.  He has a great job, great wife, great family life, and every reason to feel great.  But, he still has a deep dissatisfaction and feels less fulfilled with his life.  At times, he feels numb or stuck, and then gets more frustrated and spirals deeper into negativity because he’s dissatisfied that he’s dissatisfied, and yet can’t find the reason why he feels that way so he can get out of it.

      Sarah – The Senior Business Leader

      Goals at work: Sarah is a business executive and has moved from managing individual contributors to managing managers, to now managing other senior leaders.  She just went from peer to promoted, and now all her direct reports are former peers.

      She wants to learn how to facilitate more productive meetings, to give better feedback and coaching – specifically how to deal with a really difficult senior leader she’s now managing.  Sarah wants to sharpen all her leadership skills at the Executive level, and ensure she is best prepared for the opportunities ahead.

      She wants to better manage her time, to figure out how to feel like she has more time in her day and not feel overwhelmed or stressed by all the competing demands.

      Challenges in her personal life:  Sarah wants to become more confident in how she shows up to herself and for others.  She wants to find the balance of pushing herself, but also being kind to herself.  She struggles not feeling like she’s enough.

      Second, although she’s made lots of money, she can’t seem to keep it.  She wants help in how to think about money and be able to reach her financial dreams.

      Helene – The HR Professional

      Goals at work: Helene is a successful HR professional, she even graduated with a Masters in Business Administration and Human Resources.  Every year, despite her strong effort, the biggest gap in her teams is developing leaders who can actually lead the organization.  She sends them to trainings, but the time and money doesn’t translate into improved leaders and better results.  She wants to better understand how she herself can better coach and help them, and wants practical tools and tips she can use starting today.

      Second, one of the hardest parts of her job is how to help an employee who is not meeting expectations.  Telling someone they are in jeopardy of losing their job is challenging in itself, and then she has to figure out how to best help the employee rebuild confidence and handle the emotions that go along with receiving that feedback…and then take the action to turn it around and once again excel.

      Challenges in her personal life:  Helene doesn’t know how to really feel emotions that don’t feel good.  So, when thinking of the past or when she feels emotions that don’t feel good like pain, loneliness, feeling uncomfortable or stress, she finds ways of distracting or avoiding feeling that way.  Her “go-to” emotional escapes are that she  over-eats and can’t seem to keep the weight off, over-works, over-iphones by spending hours scrolling through social media, and recently took some of the edge off by over-drinking.  She wants to stop, or at least wants to want to stop, but doesn’t know how.

      Second, Helene wants to stop getting so frustrated with her mother-in-law and husband’s family, and have a relationship she can actually enjoy.

      Mary – The Mindful Mom & Wife with Dave – The Deliberate Dad & Husband

      Dave and Mary were once very happy and still have moments of a great life, but the reality of their marriage and the day-to-day life with the kids is not the happily ever after they imagined.  “Is this really what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life?” they wonder.

      They are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, of yelling at the kids or losing their temper too often, of wanting to make improvements in their life and marriage only to keep coming up short, of feeling the crushing financial pressures when there is more month than money, or just not showing up the way they really want in the home.

      Dave and Mary want to understand how to have the relationship they always wanted and how to be the parent their kids need them to be.

      For the few couples out there who are already in the romantic relationship of your dreams, and show up as the parents you want to be, good for you!  We can still help you take it to the next level – a level you may not even have known exists.  But our experience tells us that every couple has areas that they want to improve.

      All of these leaders also have personal dreams and results that they want.

      They simply want to feel better, to wake up more inspired and even excited to live another day.  To feel more love in their life, both for themselves or for others.  To get the results they really want.

      From the boardroom to the family room, whether it’s your business, your finances, your marriage, your job, your health, your family, or your relationships, Lead U can help.

      Start now and don’t keep missing out.  Get FREE tips and tools delivered to your inbox once a week on how to lead people at work, lead those you love at home, and lead yourself to the results you want.


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