#22 – Mentally Transition Into Your New Role (New Manager Quick Start Tool 2 of 9)

All things are created in your inner world of a mind by what you choose to believe before they are ever manifested in the outer world in your actions and results.

Learn how to mentally promote yourself to your new role, and discover the new beliefs and actions that are needed for continued success.

Skip this step now and pay the many consequences later.

New Manager Quick Start Series:
9 Tools Your First 90 Days In A New Job

  1. Episode #21  – Create Your 30-60-90 Day Plan 
  2. Episode #22  – Mentally transition into your new role
  3. Episode #23  – Create “My Style: A Guide To Working With Me”
  4. Episode #24  – Create a network list and begin listening conversations
  5. Episode #25  – Transition work from the prior incumbent
  6. Episode #26  – Conduct a New Leader Assimilation
  7. Episode #05  – Roll out your O3s (one-on-ones)
  8. Episode #37 – Create your Management Operating System (MOS)
  9. Episode #39 – Conduct Organizational Effectiveness Assessment Bonus: Begin to learn and apply the Top 5 Manager Must Do’s like giving Feedback (Episode #16) and Coaching (Episode #35)

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    #11 – Uncovering the Obstacles – Goals That Get Results – Part 3 (Steps 2-3)

    This is a continuation from part 1 (Ep. 9) and part 2 (Ep. 10).

    Part 3 Actions

    1. Action: Complete Step 2 of 5: Take that one dream and brainstorm what would be needed to accomplish that vision; Brainstorm to-do’s
    2. Action: Complete step 3 of 5: Uncover the gap and obstacles from where you want to go and where you are now

    The BEAR model shows that Beliefs drive Emotions, which drive Actions, which drive Results. Therefore, the gaps to get the results you want as part of step 3 are in Beliefs, Emotions and Actions.

    What Beliefs do you want to alter or create? 

    What Emotions do you want to feel that can fuel you to take the needed actions? 

    What Actions do you want to start, stop or continue?   Also under actions, what skills do you want to develop?

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      What you will learn in the FREE workbook

      • 5-Step Goal Setting Process
        • Create RESULT Goals – envision the future results you want
        • Brainstorm to-do’s – what would be needed to accomplish that vision
        • Uncover gaps or obstacles in Beliefs, Emotions and Actions
        • Create ACTION Goals
        • BEAR UP – run BEAR models to take massive action until you get the result

      Key deliverables and outcomes

      • Initial list of the dreams that make up your personal vision
      • Detailed action plan to accomplish one of your big dreams
      • Goal setting process you can use daily to start reaching your dreams

      #6 Reprogram Your Brain – Part 2: How To Believe Before It’s A Reality

      What if you had the power to reprogram your brain, to have it think new thoughts…thoughts about who you are, what you’re capable of feeling, achieving or becoming?

      Good news, my friend. You can. And in this episode, we’ll show you the step-by-step process how.

      If you could believe anything you want about yourself, what would you believe? What one new belief will you choose to believe into reality?

      This is a continuation from Ep. 3 – Reprogram Your Brain – Part 1: Thought Downloads, since we wanted you to have time to become aware of what you’re thinking before you immediately try to change it.

      Most people have it backwards, they think you achieve and then you can believe, that you must first see it’s possible before you believe it could be true. But believing IS seeing…you must first create beliefs you’ve never thought to create a future you’ve never had. The proof doesn’t come until AFTER the trial of your faith.

      This will be the most important 45 minutes of your week, month, year, and for some of you, your life! That’s not an overstatement…learning how to change your beliefs will change your life.

      So if it’s too long for you, pause it and come back in increments. We try to keep it 15-30 minutes per episode, but some will be longer to ensure you get the needed info.

      We give you tangible and easy to understand strategies to reprogram your brain…tips and tools you can implement TODAY.

      Ep. 6 Challenge: Take a picture of where and how you’re seeing and practicing your new belief (writing it on your mirror, phone screen saver…be creative and find what works for you), and post on Instagram with #6BearUpAndGoLead, or comment on our Instagram Site under episode 6

      We’re here to cheer you on as you “ladder-up” your thoughts.

      #4 – Intro to the BEAR Model: How To Solve Any Struggle or Reach Any Result

      Why do you feel how you feel…happy, sad, inspired, frustrated?

      Why do you do what you do?

      Why aren’t you getting the results you want yet?

      In this week’s podcast, we answer all these questions and how they are all connected.

      Come find out the root cause to any of your problems…and take the first step toward feeling better and getting the results you want.


      PS: Learn why we always end our podcasts with, “Bear Up”

      Click Here to see the full details of the BEAR Model explained.

      #3 – Reprogram Your Brain – Part 1: Eavesdrop On Your Brain & Do a Daily Thought Download

      Want to learn how to change your thoughts, to think new things? 

      First, know what you’re thinking.

      Find out how eavesdropping can make you more deliberate in your leadership and life.

      The Process:

      1. Eavesdrop on yourself
      2. Do a Thought Download
      3. Separate thoughts from facts
      4. Pick one thought and ask yourself these questions:
        1. Is that thought serving me?
        2. How do I feel when I think that thought?
        3. Has that thought held me back or propelled me forward toward my goals? How?
        4. What would likely result if I continue to think this thought?

      Ep. 3 Daily Action: The Thought Download

      Take whatever is in your brain and transfer it to a piece of paper – just write down whatever comes to mind. This is a “Thought Download.”

      You can use the question prompts and keep writing for 5-10 minutes until you have revealed to yourself what’s in your brain – evesdrop on yourself. 

      1.      What do you wish was different?

      2.      What is hurting or frustrating?

      3.      What are you struggling with/what isn’t working?

      4.      What are you worried about/what keeps you up at night?

      5.      What doubts or concerns do you have about being able to reach your vision?

      6.      What are your priorities this week and this day, and how are you showing up?

      After doing thought downloads for several weeks, go to Ep. 6 Reprogram Your Brain – Part 2: How To Believe Before It’s A Reality.

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