#36 – Habits of Good and Bad Bosses with Sam Owens

We’re joined once again with special guest, Sam Owens from SamsCareerTalk.com.

Topics covered

1:06 – What are the habits of good and bad people managers?

Get a sneak-peek into an intervention I think Sam and Brittany have for my “woodpecker” ways.  Are you a woodpecker manager, or maybe the “Aligner”? 

Click here for more examples of great people managers and here for bad managers.

9:00 – Most common new manager mistakes

12:15 – How to manage your manager

16:07 – How to become a better storyteller at work

Check out Episode 20 for the top 9 tools we recommend every manager, from first-time managers to experienced executives, use in their first 90 days to get off to a quick start.⁣⁣⁣

#34 – Career Advice They Don’t Teach You In College with Sam Owens

You’ve probably seen his simple, yet crazy good and entertaining videos on LinkedIn…we’re honored to welcome our special guest, Sam Owens from SamsCareerTalk.com.

Sam specializes in Career Progression. Simplified.

6:06 – How to find your sweet spot at work and stand out

10:20 – Job interviewing tips

16:04 – Sam’s best resume advice

17:30 – How to network as part of your job search

18:29 – How to start a new job off strong (you won’t want to miss Sam’s analogy about “The House”)

21:32 – How to give feedback

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