#18 – Emotional Puberty (Moving from Emotional Childhood To Emotional Adulthood)

It’s time we have the talk…you know, the one before you start going through emotional puberty. If you haven’t had “the talk” yet, you’re in for a ride.

Emotional childhood is when we are emotionally acting like a child.  It shows up when we don’t take responsibility for how we feel, or when we blame others for how we feel.

Emotional adulthood, on the other hand, is all about taking full responsibility.  We take responsibility for our own emotions – happiness, sadness… 

Don’t worry, I was a late bloomer physically and also in learning about this emotionally, so you’re in good company if you haven’t heard about this before.

But that’s no excuse to not listen to it now. It’s time for all of us to become emotional adults.

#14 – All About Fear: Learn The Root Cause To All Your Worries

We all experience it. Learn how to crush it.

Our brain doesn’t comprehend the difference between protecting us from physical danger and emotional discomfort…like how you feel when you’re rejected or fail. ⁣ And most of the time, that fear is irrational, and it almost always is robbing you of reaching your dreams.

Your brain just says, “stop”…”don’t go there”…”this may hurt” or “you’ve never done this before”.

Fear doesn’t mean something is wrong. Fear doesn’t mean stop. Most times, taking action while you feel fear is exactly what’s needed to get the results you want. ⁣

To reach your dreams, fear isn’t going away – so it’s not about being fear-less but faith-full…believing that the other side of fear is something you want. So let’s get comfortable being consistently uncomfortable.

Walk toward the type of fear that is just emotional discomfort. When you’re willing to feel anything, you’re ready to reach any goal.

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#4 – Intro to the BEAR Model: How To Solve Any Struggle or Reach Any Result

Why do you feel how you feel…happy, sad, inspired, frustrated?

Why do you do what you do?

Why aren’t you getting the results you want yet?

In this week’s podcast, we answer all these questions and how they are all connected.

Come find out the root cause to any of your problems…and take the first step toward feeling better and getting the results you want.


PS: Learn why we always end our podcasts with, “Bear Up”

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