#32 – How to Reprogram Your Brain (Using the examples, “I hate my job” and what to do when an employee wants to quit) – Let’s See Some BEARs

This podcast is taken from an 8-part series we filmed on the BEAR Model, to answer the call from our more visual leaders. Check out the entire series here.

Part 6 – What to do when you hate your job

Leadership is intentional influence. ⁣

But unless you understand the core of why humans do what we do, you won’t be able to influence. ⁣

The core, or the seeds that produce the fruits of how we feel, the actions we take, and results we get are the beliefs we choose to think in our mind. ⁣

Change how people think, and you’re on your way to influence, including how you lead yourself. ⁣

Leaders focus on 3 types of beliefs: ⁣

  1. ⁣Beliefs about yourself⁣
  2. Beliefs about others⁣
  3. Believes about what the past was, the present is, and future can be

See the current and future BEAR model for someone who thinks, “I HATE my job!”.  Starting at minute 8, we’ll use this example to learn how to reprogram your brain by:

1. Redirecting your brain: are you using the power of your reticular activating system (RAS) to make your dreams a reality?
2. Thinking new thoughts: create new beliefs by asking great questions or laddering up/bridging your thoughts.

For more details on how to ladder-up your thoughts, listen to episode #6

Part 7 (starts at 15:15) – The #1 reason why employees leave companies is NOT what YOU think…

Want to know the real reason employees leave?

And no, it’s not technically the manager. It’s not even the pay.

After thousands of real life exit interviews from my experience at a fortune 100 company with 130,000 employees, the real reason is NOT what YOU think, it’s what THEY are thinking in their own brain.

They leave because of their BELIEFS about their manager, or their BELIEFS about any aspect of the job that makes them feel an emotion they don’t like…so they want to leave to feel better, thinking that changing the circumstance is the best alternative.

See the current and future BEAR model for Sarah, a Senior Leader who wanted to quit, and how we helped her to not only feel better but also stay engaged.

If you have any items from one of your current or future BEAR models that you want us to run (one Belief from your thought download, an Emotion, Action or Result), contact us or schedule a free coaching session with a certified coach.

We can leave you completely anonymous, but still address the struggle you want to solve or result you want to reach.

#2 – Leadership Is Intentional Influence: How To Become A Better Influencer

Have you ever wanted to become a better influencer?

Leadership is intentional influence.  The capacity to have an effect on or change how someone thinks, feels or acts. 

Learn what the social and behavioral sciences teach us about improving influence, combined with examples of what works in the real world.

Leave with the tips you can use immediately to become a better influencer.

Ep 2:  #BearUpAndGoLead Action

Take one situation where you’re trying to influence someone and post your response to these questions on our Instagram site:

  1. What is the situation and what are you trying to influence?
  2. Do they want to change? Is it worth it to them?
  3. How is it to their benefit that they change or what’s in it for them? 
  4. How can you bridge the gap between where they are at versus where you’re helping them go?  How will you show how your idea, that they may not care about yet, is tied to something they do care about? 
  5. How can you use positive peer pressure or the example of others?
  6. Most importantly, how are you going to help them think differently…differently about themselves, about others, the problem or opportunity, and what the future can be?
  7. Do they have the knowledge and skills to do it?  Is it a motivation gap, an ability gap, or both?
  8. How will you best set up the environment and system that makes it easier for them to follow?  How can they be rewarded and held accountable by the system?
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