We’ve trained thousands of leaders, from first-time managers to experienced executives.

If we were sitting with you one-on-one as your leadership and high-performance coach, we’d cover the below actions.

They form the foundation EVERY SINGLE MANAGER can take to immediately become a better boss that people want to work for.

What to do your first month:

Start Here: Listen to Episode #5 – The #1 Most Impactful Management Practice – One-on-Ones or “O3s” (29 minutes).

The #1 most impactful action you can take to immediately improve how you manage people and become the boss people want to work for is to hold at least a 30 minute weekly one-on-one or “O3” with each of your employees.

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ACTION: send out the O3 launch e-mail to your team, followed up by discussing it in your next team meeting


    What to do your second month:

    Listen to Episode #16 – The Second Most Impactful Management Practice – Feedback & Coaching, and practice giving feedback daily.  Coaching will soon follow.

    5 Steps To Give Feedback:

    1. Describe what happened (“I’ve noticed”…from your “video check”)
    2. Describe your perception of the impact (why it matters)
    3. Check for understanding and listen
    4. Clarify next steps
    5. Follow up on the agreed action

    Listen to Episode #35 to learn how leaders coach using The ABC Coaching Framework

    Recently got a new role managing people?

    In Episode #20 – New Manager Quick Start, learn the top 9 tools we recommend managers use in their first 90 days to get off to a quick start.  Even if you’ve been in our role for a while, these tools all still apply to you.

    1. Episode #21  – Create Your 30-60-90 Day Plan 
    2. Episode #22  – Mentally transition into your new role
    3. Episode #23  – Create “My Style: A Guide To Working With Me”
    4. Episode #24  – Create a network list and begin listening conversations
    5. Episode #25  – Transition work from the prior incumbent
    6. Episode #26  – Conduct a New Leader Assimilation
    7. Episode #05  – Roll out your O3s (one-on-ones)
    8. Episode #37 – Create your Management Operating System (MOS)
    9. Episode #38 – Conduct an Organizational Effectiveness Assessment Bonus: Begin to learn and apply the Top 5 Manager Practices like giving Feedback (Episode #16) and Coaching (Episode #35)

    Learn about Type/Personality Preferences: MBTI

    1. Episode 27 – Discover Your MBTI Personality Type in Under 25 Minutes For FREE
    2. Episode 28 – Using MBTI to become a better boss – working with the opposite personality types
    3. Episode 29 – Using MBTI in teams to improve how you make decisions

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