Are you relocating?

Hi, I’m Brittany and that’s my specialty!

In addition to guiding leaders of every gender who work in the office, many of our clients asked for more support for spouses, specifically the leading ladies in the home.

Having moved over ten times in the last 15 years of marriage, including an international expat move to a country where me, Joe, and our 4 kids didn’t speak the local language, I’m most passionate about helping women lead themselves and their families through relocating.

Many of my coaching programs are paid by companies who want to provide the spouses of their employees support during a relocation.

Homesickness, relocation resentment in relationships, and culture identity crisis can all contribute to stress.

So for those of you relocating, I created specific programs for you to go from trailing spouse to leading lady in less time than it would take you to pack your house.

As your coach and guide, I will show the way to emotional freedom. I know how to get there. 

I traveled the world to find it for you.

Don’t believe me? You will after we talk, don’t worry. 

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Brittany was certified through Brooke Castillo’s, The Life Coach School – the Harvard or IMD/INSEAD of coaching, and is best known as “The Expat Gal.”

Who needs a Coach, you ask? 


A great coach is like a smart phone, you may not have realized you needed it, but once you have it, you can’t imagine your life without it.

Coaching is the process to help leaders live a deliberate life, to choose what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing on purpose. 

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