First:  You learn a leadership or high performance mindset or skill set, either through watching a video, reading material, or listening to a podcast.  After going through the Leadership Essentials program, you drive your own learning based on your individual needs.

Second:  Within what you learned, you choose one thing to put into practice on a daily basis.  Many of the sessions have specific worksheets or clear actions to make it simple.

Third:  You meet up with one of our coaches/mind jedis in either a 1:1 or group session to review what is working, what isn’t, and refocus on the go-forward plan.

Most importantly, you get to speak with a coach or hear others get coached where we help them see their Beliefs, Emotions, Actions and Results (their BEARs) in their current model, and how to BEAR Up to realign them to get the results they really want.

The key is we don’t stop until the knowledge turns into improved results and better leaders.

Sample programs and topics we cover, catered to the learning needs of the leader:

  • How to use the BEAR model to get the results you want (how to deliberately think, feel and act)
  • Moving from being an unconscious manager to a deliberate leader
  • Understanding your leadership style and how to adjust to each person that you lead
  • How to get stuff done – goal setting to taking massive action
  • How to influence, including when you don’t have formal authority
  • Building better relationships
  • How to delegate
  • Leading more effective meetings
  • Time management – feeling like you have more time in your day
  • Dealing with individual and team conflict
  • Managing a difficult employee
  • Leading change
  • Leading teams
  • Effective communication and presentations
  • How to execute and hold others accountable
  • Feedback and coaching
  • For the HR community or business leaders and entrepreneurs we cover people/talent management, including finding and selecting great talent, succession planning, onboarding, goal setting, assessment, development & performance management, employee engagement & retention, employee reward & recognition.
  • We’ll cover unique situations leaders go through:
    • Life transitions and relocating to a new place.
    • How to discover your passion and embark on a new career.
    • How to be successful in your first 90 days of a new role, especially if you’re managing people and teams.
    • How to go from being a peer to promoted, so now you’re the boss of all those people who were just your peers.
  • Access to our content for leaders in the personal lives through the daily art of living platform
  • Additional programs and events are available through our platform to help leaders in their personal lives, getting the results they want with:
    • Money and finances.
    • Relationships, especially your marriage.
    • Health and Wellness (Feeling Better emotionally, mentally, and physically).
    • Gaining more confidence.
    • Getting unstuck.
    • Transitioning from any significant life-event (relocation, job loss, new job, loss of a loved one and more)
    • Your family: we used the same principles and strategies for leading a Fortune 100 company and break it down to how you lead a family, how do you establish a family culture and better lead children through their own journeys.  We believe the most important work any of us can do is usually within the walls of our own home, and we want to build stronger families.

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