What to cover your first month

Start with these 4 podcasts to learn how to better lead yourself to the results you want. These apply to EVERY person, whether you have manager in your title or not, as the best way to lead others is to first focus on yourself.

Foundation – Get to know the BEAR model:

  • 1. Episode #3 Reprogram Your Brain – Part 1: Do A Daily Thought Download (21 minutes). Click here for the video version.
  • 2. Episode #31 How To Solve Any Problem and Get Results – Introduction To The Bear Model (27 minutes).
  • 3. Episode #6 Reprogram Your Brain – Part 2: Believe Before It’s A Reality (45 minutes).
  • 4. Episode #13 How do you BEAR Up (20 minutes).  Practice doing a Thought Download daily and run 1-2 BEAR models a week. 

Bonus: High Performance Habits:

  • 5. Episode #9 How to Set Goals That Get Results – Part 1 (24 minutes).
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    4-Step Goal Setting Process (updated)

    1. Create RESULT Goals – envision the future results you want
    2. Brainstorm options for what would be needed to accomplish that vision
    3. Create ACTION Goals
    4. BEAR Up – run BEAR models to take massive action until you get the result

    What to cover your second month

    These three podcasts all focus on how to improve your relationships. Imagine if you could instantly have a better relationship with anyone in your life (partner, boss, employee, child, mother-in-law)…AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO CHANGE.

    Don’t believe us yet…listen and find out for yourself.

    1. Episode #17 – The Manual. Most of us have an operating manual that we’ve written that covers how we believe other people SHOULD behave.  This book of rules not only states how they should behave, but also what you’ll make it mean when they don’t follow your manual. 
    2. Episode #18 – Emotional Puberty (Moving from Emotional Childhood To Emotional Adulthood). Emotional childhood is when we are emotionally acting like a child.  It shows up when we don’t take responsibility for how we feel, or when we blame others for how we feel. Emotional adulthood, on the other hand, is all about taking full responsibility.  We take responsibility for our own emotions – happiness, sadness… 
    3. Episode #19 – Setting Boundaries. Boundaries are for when another adult whom you don’t have authority over violates a physical or emotional limit, and it describes what actions you will take.  It’s a clear request of somebody else with a clear consequence of what you will do if it’s violated.  The key here is the consequence is an action you will take. 

    Bonus – Learn about MBTI

    1. Episode 27 – Discover Your MBTI Personality Type in Under 25 Minutes For FREE
    2. Episode 28 – Using MBTI to become a better boss – working with the opposite personality types
    3. Episode 29 – Using MBTI in teams to improve how you make decisions

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