Hey Future Best Friend, I’m Brittany

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“Just so you know, if you move me out of my home town I will cry every day until you move me back.”

This, my friends, was what I told Joe just days after he proposed to me. 3 years after that, we moved 1,656.50 miles away from my home town to Tennessee. Sooooooo, you can see my plan didn’t quite work out.

Obviously, at that point, I put my previous threat into motion. I, for realzies, cried every single day for a solid 6 months after we moved to Tennessee.

My friends worried about me. My parents worried about me. I worried that my 3-year-old marriage with a baby on the way was going to end. Things were not looking good.

My mom bought me a book, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.” I wanted to throw the book at anybody who suggested something could help me. No thank you!

What I REALLY wanted to know is – where is the book called “Feel the Fear, Freak Out, Eat to Avoid it, Never Leave My House and Then Be Miserable?”

Now that’s a book I could have gotten into!

After living in Tennessee and going through the entire spectrum of emotions…and birthing 2 babies in the process, Joe and I decided to move.

Where? Back to my home town!

We packed our 2 littles (aka children) and moved back to Utah for Joe to get his MBA.

At this point, you’re probably thinking “Ahhhh, yes, this is the part where Britt goes back to being happy. That lucky crack got to move home”!

Fun fact: I cried every day for a solid 6 months after moving “home”. Somehow between wallowing in self-pity and reading that darn book from my mother, I had fallen in love with my life in Tennessee.

There was some serious confusion in me. For years I had been 100% confident that my life would be SO MUCH BETTER if we just moved back home.

So why the junk was I so dang miserable?

Something had to change.

After reading a ridiculous number of self-help books – I ponied up, crocheted a pair…of slippers, and learned to love Utah again.

2 years later we moved again to Arizona. It was hot. We are talking Africa-hot, people! Luckily, by this point, I had wised up and learned to jump in with both feet right away.

After 3 miscarriages and the roller-coaster of emotions and tough times that brings, I birthed another sweet child.  I made some of my most cherished friends. I learned to love Arizona and then…

3 years later we moved again — this time to the mid-west state of MinneSNOWta. We went from Africa hot to Antarctica cold. That kind of bone-chilling cold is NO FREAKING JOKE!

We had our 4th baby. We loved our life there. I had a job that I loved as a group fitness instructor. Joe loved his career.

We were content, happy and comfortable. So naturally, we decided to move again.

Nearly 3 years ago we moved to Switzerland. We didn’t speak a word of French.  We opted out of the fully-paid admissions to an international school and we lovingly threw our kids into a local, all French-speaking school one week after we got here.

So, how did a girl-who-swore-she-would-never-leave-Utah-and-if-she-did-she-would-cry-every-day-until-she-moved-back get all over the country and then to another country and STILL have mascara to show for it? I’ll tell you.

Every experience has been recorded.

Every moment analyzed.

Every mistake noted.

Every pain processed.

Every book read.

All so that I can help you find the kind of joy and happiness you most desire no matter where you live, no matter what your circumstances are. NO. MATTER. WHAT!

And if your “I will only be happy when I move” story isn’t about where you live but rather about changing your boss, your wife, your weight, or any other aspect of your life, these same lessons apply to you.

But here’s the deal – I didn’t want to just be able to give you “good advice”. That wasn’t enough.  You needed more!

So, I went and got the best Life Coach training and certification I could find in the entire world. I plowed over and dug through every bit of information so that I can present you with a proven, formula based, solution for all your woes.

Joe focuses on teaching these principles to leaders while at work and I focus on applying the same principles outside of work – at home and in your personal life. 

I focus most of my coaching practice on helping women lead themselves and their families during relocations, but I enjoy coaching everyone.

As your coach and guide, I will show the way to emotional freedom.

I know how to get there.

I traveled the world to find it for you.

Don’t believe me? You will after we talk, don’t worry.

Bring me your biggest, smallest, most awful, hide in the dark, problems and I will teach you the formula for how to create a life you are passionate about!




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