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I know first-hand how hard and frustrating leading people can be. 

After many failing-forwards that come with co-founding and running an entrepreneurial business, my company that consisted of just me and three hands-off investors started having success and we decided to grow.

Although I studied business management, and even majored in leadership, I was a terrible manager. I knew it, and I knew my employees knew it.

My past success came in my technical and functional skills. I knew how to sell, or how to manage finances, or how to execute…so when it was just me, I got great results.

But when I started hiring people, I realized that managing people requires a different mindset and skill set…it required different muscles that I hadn’t yet built. Leadership skills that most don’t properly learn about or appropriately apply. 

I was stressed out and overwhelmed and doubted if I had what it took to lead people, much less run a company.

The problem? 

I was no longer responsible for the results I could solely produce, but for the people who were responsible for producing those results. 

I now needed to learn how to get results with and through people.

I went on a crusade to find out and apply the best-of-the-best on leadership and how to manage people. 

The good news?  It got better, and I went from dreading the management drama to loving leading.  I went from being an unconscious manager to a deliberate leader.

I decided to become the leadership and high-performance coach I always wish I had...and the vision of LEAD U was born.

Lead U is what you get if you combined what you learn in a top university, but in the form of binge-worthy, short, Netflix-life videos with practical tips and tools that leader’s without much time could immediately put into practice to become the boss people wanted to work for.

First, I wanted to learn from the best.

I left the business in the hands of the investors and went back to graduate school.

I chose an MBA with an emphasis in Leadership and HR from the school that produced leaders like Stephen Covey with his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dave Ulrich, the thought leader on HR, Clayton Christensen, the management mastermind behind disruptive innovation, and was able to be taught directly by Kerry Patterson, one of the creators of Crucial Conversations and the book, Influencer. 

But learning wasn’t enough.

I wanted to put the theory to the test, both with myself and by coaching and observing other leaders.

A decade of HR and Organizational Development leadership positions later, I’ve tested what works in the real world and coached senior leaders in the trenches of one of the most successful Fortune 100 companies of the 21st century.

I’ve traveled the world to learn how to lead globally, with the nuances of each country’s culture.  From the US and Asia to living a few years speaking only Portuguese in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon jungle, to currently residing with my wife and four children in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

Throughout the last two decades, I continued to gain additional knowledge, and refine the content that would be someday be part of LEAD U.

I went on to get what’s comparable to an additional master’s in behavioral science and its practical application from NTL, becoming a people and organizational anthropologist.  Followed by executive development programs like Advanced Managerial Excellence (AME) from CEDEP in France (similar to the Harvard of Europe and Asia).

But I found another problem.

As I saw myself and others becoming better leaders while at work, I would see their personal lives crumble.

In my own life, I had focused so much on being the boss people wanted to work for while in the office, but then would come home exhausted and completely forget how to lead in my own home and personal life.

Seeing that the most important work I will ever do is within the walls of my own home, I once again made it my quest to find out how to create a marriage and family culture that I wanted.

I wanted to know how to stop loosing my temper and yelling at my kids. How to lead myself to the results I wanted in all aspects of my life, including how to stop procrastinating, making and saving more money, or to finally get in shape.

What if I could apply what works with leadership to how I lead myself, and those I love at home and in my personal life?

I went on to learn the incredible work of Brooke Castillo from the Life Coach School. Most all of the content around leading and coaching yourself is based from her life-changing concepts, including the BEAR model.

I continued to learn from great teachings of others like Mel Robins, John Maxwell, The Arbinger Institute, Ed Mylett, Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, and Arianna Huffington.

It’s one thing to know a concept, but another to go and put that knowledge into your daily work. Common knowledge is not always common practice.

I know how to get you results.  Results for yourself and for those you lead.

This isn’t just theory; I’ve proven these methods work in the real world with real leaders, who actually get the results they wanted.

I strive to balance my bottom-line, fortune 100 performance-driven background to constantly challenge you to raise the bar of what’s possible with an empathetic and refreshing view to coaching and developing people.

No matter where you’re at, you can do this because leadership can be taught. You already have everything you need to be successful within you.

I know because I was once an insecure, self-doubting, stuttering, and socially awkward boy, who once was so shy that I would eat lunch in the bathroom stall to avoid contact with people.  And now I can speak to thousands on any stage throughout the world.

I once had a marriage that stunk, dreaded paying bills because we had more month than money, and I wasn’t showing up as the dad I wanted to be. And now I have a marriage I love, with kids I cherish, and most all of the personal goals that seemed like dreams years ago have now come to fruition.

I once dreaded managing people and was a terrible boss, to now being sent across the world to teach top executives and first-time managers how to lead.

I rose each time I fell, I learned, I grew, and now I can guide you through the process that changes everything.

You’re the hero; I’m your guide.

Think about something you want to change in your life.

No matter how much doubt you currently have, you can change.

You just need a different approach.

Lead U is the answer.

I’ll walk with you as you gain confidence in yourself – both in what you can do, have, and who you can become. 

You can start the process I used to create the life I had always dreamed and became the leader people wanted to work for, and children and spouse wanted to be with.

Come see how to lead people, get results, and leave a legacy.

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