What We Cover In Lead U Foundations Program:

  1. The top challenges leaders face and how to overcome them
  2. Envisioning the future results you want – goal setting that gets results
  3. Top 10 must-dos for a new manager
  4. Introduction to how to influence and lead – the power of one-one-ones
  5. Introduction to Beliefs – how to believe before it’s a reality
  6. Introduction to Emotions – how to feel better
  7. Introduction to Actions – taking action to get things done
  8. Top tips to immediately improve your relationships
  9. Top tips to gain confidence
  10. Introduction to moving from the unconscious manager to the deliberate leader

After going through the Lead U Foundations Program, you can continue with the Lead U Membership with a monthly or yearly subscription – it’s like Netflix for leadership development and personal high performance.

By selecting the topic of your choosing from the learning catalog, you unlock access to the content and associated actions.

The greatest value from the membership is that all Lead U members can attend one of the many virtual group coaching calls per week to get direct coaching or ask questions.

Lead U Learning Catalog (new topics are constantly being added):

  • Learning for leaders in their personal lives, getting the results they want with:
    • Money and finances
    • Relationships
    • Your marriage
    • Health and Wellness (Feeling Better emotionally, mentally, and physically)
    • Gaining more confidence
    • Getting unstuck and feeling fullfilled
    • Transitioning from any significant life-event (relocation, job loss, new job, loss of a loved one and more)
    • How to lead your family: how do you establish a family culture and better lead children through their own journeys
  • Moving from being an unconscious manager to a deliberate leader
  • Beliefs Deep Dive – How to change the past and believe before it’s a reality
  • Emotions Deep Dive – How to feel better
  • How to get stuff done – goal setting to taking massive action
  • The power of asking great questions
  • How to influence, including when you don’t have formal authority
  • Building better relationships
  • How to delegate
  • How to listen
  • Leading more effective meetings
  • Time management – feeling like you have more time in your day
  • Dealing with individual and team conflict
  • Managing a difficult employee
  • Leading change
  • Leading teams
  • Effective communication
  • Executive presentations
  • How to execute and hold others accountable
  • Feedback and coaching
  • Finding and selecting great talent
  • Succession planning
  • Onboarding
  • Goal setting and assessment for businesses
  • Developing people
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement & retention
  • Employee reward & recognition.
  • Life transitions and relocating to a new place
  • How to discover your passion and embark on a new career
  • How to be successful in your first 90 days of a new role, especially if you’re managing people and teams
  • How to go from being a peer to promoted
  • Additional topics on demand
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