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    Common knowledge is not always common practice.  Commit now to take the actions as we describe them and you’ll be blown away by how quickly you become the boss your employees want to work for and parent-leader your kids want to follow. 

    Start here: The Foundation – Get to know the BEAR model

    • 1. Episode #3 Reprogram Your Brain – Part 1: Do A Daily Thought Download (21 minutes). Click here for the video version.
    • 2. Episode #4 How To Solve Any Problem and Get Results – Introduction To The Bear Model (45 minutes).
    • 3. Episode #6 Reprogram Your Brain – Part 2: Believe Before It’s A Reality (45 minutes).
    • 4. Episode #13 How do you BEAR Up.  Practice doing a Thought Download daily and run 1-2 BEAR models a week.  If you want help, CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE one-time, 30 minute mini-coaching-session on-line with Brittany Nabrotzky.
    • Bonus Episode #7 See an example of the BEAR model in the work setting with an employee who couldn’t stand her boss

    Want to LEAD PEOPLE at work?

    Here are the top leadership tools to put into practice to become the boss people want to work for (these build on each other so start with #1 at the top):

    • 1. Episode #5 The #1 Most Impactful Leadership Discipline – One-on-Ones or “O3s” (29 minutes).
      • The #1 most impactful action you can take to immediately improve how you manage people and become the boss people want to work for is to hold at least a 30 minute weekly one-on-one or “O3” with each of your employees.
      • Enter your e-mail below to immediately get access to the FREE GUIDE, How To Roll Out One-on-Ones or O3s to learn the 5 topics to cover in each O3, learn WHY O3s are so impactful, and HOW to roll them out with a sample introductory e-mail you can send to your team.
      • ACTION: send out the O3 launch e-mail to your team, followed up by discussing it in your next team meeting.


      • 2. Episode #16 – The Second Most Impactful Leadership Discipline – Feedback & Coaching, and practice giving feedback daily.  You’ll learn how to better coach next month.
        • 5 Steps To Give Feedback:
          1. Describe what happened (“I’ve noticed”…from your “video check”)
          2. Describe your perception of the impact (why it matters)
          3. Check for understanding and listen
          4. Clarify next steps
          5. Follow up on the agreed action

      Want to LEAD YOURSELF to the results you want?

      High Performance Habits:

      • 5. Episode #9 How to Set Goals That Get Results – Part 1 (24 minutes).
        • Enter your e-mail below to immediately get access to the FREE GUIDE, The Goal Setting Workbook, which walks you step-by-step through our 5-step goal setting process that’s proven to get the results you really want.
        • Once you enter your e-mail, you’ll get the link to download the workbook and can begin step 1 of 5: Envision the future results you want.  You can then continue through the rest of the workbook covering episodes 9-14 at your own pace.  The format is you listen to a podcast and then take the actions as they’re explained until all are completed. 


        Want to improve your relationships?

        Imagine if you could instantly have a better relationship with anyone in your life (partner, boss, employee, child, mother-in-law)…AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO CHANGE.

        Don’t believe us yet…listen and find out for yourself.

        1. Episode #17 – The Manual. Most of us have an operating manual that we’ve written that covers how we believe other people SHOULD behave.  This book of rules not only states how they should behave, but also what you’ll make it mean when they don’t follow your manual. 
        2. Episode #18 – Emotional Puberty (Moving from Emotional Childhood To Emotional Adulthood). Emotional childhood is when we are emotionally acting like a child.  It shows up when we don’t take responsibility for how we feel, or when we blame others for how we feel. Emotional adulthood, on the other hand, is all about taking full responsibility.  We take responsibility for our own emotions – happiness, sadness… 
        3. Episode #19 – Setting Boundaries. Boundaries are for when another adult whom you don’t have authority over violates a physical or emotional limit, and it describes what actions you will take.  It’s a clear request of somebody else with a clear consequence of what you will do if it’s violated.  The key here is the consequence is an action you will take. 

        Starting a new job?

        Access the New Manager Quick Start Series – Top 9 Tools Your 1st 90 Days In A New Job

        In Episode #20 – New Manager Quick Start, learn the top 9 tools we recommend managers use in their first 90 days to get off to a quick start. Many of these episodes have a freebie available for Lead U members. Visit the episode page to get immediate access. 

        1. Episode #21 – Creating Your 30-60-90 Day Plan 
        2. Episode #22 – Mentally Transition Into Your New Role
        3. Episode #23 – Create “My Style: A Guide To Working With Me”
        4. Episode #24 – Create network list and begin listening conversations
        5. Episode #25 – Transition work from the prior incumbent
        6. Episode #26 – Conduct a New Leader Assimilation
        7. Roll out your O3s (one-on-ones)
        8. Create your Management Operating System (MOS)
        9. Conduct initial Organizational Effectiveness diagnosis

        Learn about MBTI and Personality Type

        1. Episode 27 – Discover Your MBTI Personality Type in Under 25 Minutes For FREE
        2. Episode 28 – Using MBTI to become a better boss – working with the opposite personality types
        3. Episode 29 – Using MBTI in teams to improve how you make decisions

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