#30 – How to Stop Yelling At Your Kids – Let’s See Some BEARs

After a long day, with your patience juice all used up, have you ever come home and lost your temper on those you love most?

I have.

What if you could stop yelling at your kids?

You can. I mean, really, it’s possible.

Let us show you how.

This is the first of many “Let’s See Some BEARs” podcasts where we take a specific topic and run BEAR models on it.

PS: Towards the end, I share a time when I didn’t show up as the deliberate dad I wanted to be, and what Brittany said that completely changed how I parent ever since.

If you have any items from one of your current or future BEAR models that you want us to run (one Belief from your thought download, an Emotion, Action or Result), contact us or schedule a free coaching session with a certified coach.

We can leave you completely anonymous, but still address the struggle you want to solve or result you want to reach.

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