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We need your name, e-mail address (to send the link to complete the on-line assessment), mailing address (to send the booklet), and desired language to answer the questions on-line. Note: video instructions will only be in English.


    The MBTI process and what you’ll get after you purchase:

    Click here to see a sample 17-page MBTI Step II Interpretive Report.

    1. Step 1: after you click “Pay with PayPal” and complete the purchase, follow the Step 2 instructions to provide your e-mail address, mailing address, and desired language
    2. We’ll e-mail you a link to take the official on-line assessment (166 questions) and will mail you the booklet, “Understanding Your MBTI Step II Results”
    3. Set aside time to complete the on-line assessment in one sitting, where you can be relaxed with no interruptions (most people complete in 20-40 minutes)
    4. After you complete the on-line assessment, we’ll e-mail your personalized 17-page report (see example), and give you access to view videos that walk you though how to interpret your results
    5. Upon receiving the booklet in the mail, set aside time to watch the videos, with your report (that was e-mailed) and booklet in hand
    6. Contact us with any questions
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